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I Can’t Get Anything Done…….For Myself!

     If  there is one thing I’ve learned being a Mommy, is that I can get things done for everyone else except myself. For example, it’s Christmas morning, and any other year I’d be lazing away on the couch drinking coffee and watching Scrooge.  This is actually the first time I’ve sat down and done something for myself and I’m typing away furiously while my husband and daughter are sleeping. It’s one of the many sacrifices you make when you decide to have a baby, and I had already prepared myself for this, but when you finally get to there, it’s like “Wow, this is crazy”. Baby comes first and everyone and everything else comes second. Then dead last comes Mommy! That’s as it should be, but it can be tough. I’m only human and sometimes I’m holding her while she’s crying and thinking, “God, I wish I could just……” Heres a list of things I’d like to get done this week.

#1. Get a pedicure and eyebrow waxing. Seriously, my eyebrows look like caterpillars crawling across my forehead and my heels are so dry looking I’m embarrassed to go barefoot even though I spend most of time at home.

#2. Take a long nap. I miss the days when I could just climb into bed and sleep until I felt like getting out of bed. Those days are long gone my friends!

#3. Go out to dinner and a movie with my husband. I really miss our favorite Afghan restaurant. They have the best Chicken Tikka and the Naan is amazing! I wish I could make it. And there are so many great movies out right now. I really want to see Avatar and Precious based on the novel Push. Thank God we belong to Netflix, right now I just look forward to the latest dvd releases.

#4. Exercise at least five days. I have a Zuumba dvd and a Bellydance dvd and everyday I say I’m going to do one of them, but it only seems to happen every two or three days.

#5. Lie around the house and do absolutely nothing.

Ah, but what can you do? At the end of the day I look into that sweet face which has just started smiling back when you talk to her and all the sacrifices are worth it.

                                                                                                          Here’s my sweet baby Imaan!


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  1. Jen,
    Imaan looks like a doll!! Her name is beautiful as well! What is the meaning of Imaan? It’s a Urdu word I guess.

    Comment by Saraswathi Mukkai | April 1, 2010 | Reply

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