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Second Date


Breakfast and the beach was only the beginning… My now boyfriend and I went out on our second date three days after our hours long breakfast date. Our plans included dinner at a Pakistani restaurant followed by a movie. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the most unimpressive looking place can serve the yummiest food? I’d never eaten Pakistani food before and Shahid was excited for me to try everything. He ordered us a big platter of chicken, lamb, kabobs, and fried fish. Everything was soooo good, especially the fish! There were two different yogurt sauces to put on the meat if we wanted, “This one is probably too hot for you” he smilingly warned me as he poured it on his plate. “But it’s my favorite” he said. “Ahha” said I and I smiled back at him and proceeded to put some on my own plate and dip some chicken into it and popped it into my mouth. It was not too hot and I took more. “Wow, you’re the girl for me”! said Shahid with a big smile on his face. I ate so much, really it was so delicious. After stuffing ourselves it was time for the movie, I had picked The Darjeeling Limited, which I heard was really good. We took our seats and I noticed the theatre was nearly empty and most everyone there put their feet up on the seats in front of them. I did the same and had just turned to Shahid to suggest he do the same when I was shocked to see that not only did he put his feet up but he had removed his shoes also! My jaw dropped in surprise. “You took your shoes off”? I asked stupidly. “Yeah, why not, people sit there, I don’t think I should put my shoes up there” he answered smiling. All I could see were his white socks glaring at me. “But you have to put your shoes on” I told him. I was mortified for a few minutes then I couldn’t help but laugh, it was cute actually. And he did have a point that his socks were indeed cleaner then his shoes. But he put them back on to please me. The movie started a few minutes later, and I have to say it was really funny, we were cracking up the whole time. It also reminded me of how much I miss India and my friends….and how much I long to go back there. “You would love Pakistan too” Shahid whispered to me when I mentioned it to him. After the movie we went out for coffee and more conversation, and what a lovely follow up to a perfect first date it was indeed………

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